We the People have lost representation in our representative democracy due to continuously higher barriers erected against participation in our democratic processes for voters and access to the ability to run for office for non-traditional candidates. Our government is dysfunctional and corrupt as our elected officials can choose their voters through partisan gerrymandering and feel safe in ignoring the will of their constituents in favor of special interests and private money.

  • Solutions and Key Components

    • Eliminate Barriers to Participation in Democratic Processes

      • Allow for same-day voter registration for all current unregistered voters and implement automatic voter-registration.

      • Expand the use of vote by mail and early voting.

    • Make Democracy Representative

      • End partisan gerrymandering.

      • Implement Ranked Choice Voting for all elections.

      • Overturn Citizens United and reform campaign finance laws to increase transparency and limit the influence of special interests and private money.

    • Ensure the Integrity of Elections

      • Strengthen election security measures.

      • Vigorously prevent foreign interference in elections.

    • Demand a New Breed of Public Servant

      • Increase financial transparency by mandating disclosure of tax returns.

      • Impose term limits upon elected officials.

      • Introduce election recall processes for elected officials