Politics and government have lost their way in America. The people have been left out of the equation with an emphasis on corporate donors, campaign contributors and their special interests.

Unfortunately the history of the United States is wrought with inequity, inequality, racism, and corruption with the top level of the wealthy in control. We will begin to right the wrongs of the past toward an America that works for everyone.

The Alliance Party is the party of the future, driven and lead by Americans who have an innovative eye on the future and  by those who believe that America can and will do better. Nobody should be left behind in an America that strives to be the best. To be the best we have to excel in ALL of the areas that matter most to Americans, ALL Americans.

For too long large groups of people have been left voiceless in their own nation. It is time for everyone to have a seat at the table where each voice has equal value and where those voices are actually heard. We invite everyone to the table.

This must begin with a new breed of politician. We seek non-professional politicians who wish to serve all of the people rather than advance a career by serving big money.  We ask all of our candidates to sign an agreement whereby they agree to act with honesty and integrity.  At higher offices they agree to term-limit themselves even where the law does not, and make tax return info public toward true transparency.

Why the Alliance Party? Because we are the only party dedicated to moving America forward to a better future for all of its citizens, not just spewing rhetoric about it.

We are the only party of  -     OPPORTUNITY  -    EQUALITY   -    INTEGRITY