The American health system is the most expensive in the world – with over 50% of personal bankruptcies caused by an inability to pay medical debt – yet delivers quality outputs and health outcomes below that of most developed nations. The failure to offer affordable, quality medical care to all has had a deleterious effect on the quality of our life and our economic well-being.

  • Solutions and Key Components

    • Provide universal access to medically necessary care

      • Primary, specialty, psychiatric, and emergency medical care.

      • Prenatal, delivery, and one year of post-partum care.

    • Protect the health of the public

      • Cover any medical care related to a public health threat such as COVID-19.

      • Create a permanent, fully funded Pandemic Task Force to proactively plan and respond to future crises.

    • Care for our elderly

      • Provide access to any medically necessary inpatient hospital or hospice care and up to three years of skilled nursing home care.

      • Provide access to care at home such as family support, medical equipment, therapy and nursing services