The Alliance Party is the political arm of a nationwide movement to elect public servants who will end corruption, stagnation and partisan politics.


It is time to bring back American values and emphasize the importance of integrity and accountability in our political system. We are inclusive, citizen-led problem solvers restoring ethics, civility and fairness in government for all Americans.

This political movement is a revolution arising from the threats to our republic and our way of life. It’s time for us to take back our government.

How the Alliance Formed

America’s growing dissatisfaction with a failing, polarizing two-party system and recognizing there is strength in numbers and a deep desire to put people and country over politics and greed, eleven independent political parties merged under one banner - The Alliance Party.

On October 14, 2018, in Denver, Colorado, three political parties - the American Moderates Party, the Modern Whig Party and the American Party of South Carolina - merged to create The Alliance Party.

Prior to that meeting, six independent parties joined the Modern Whigs between 2008 and 2016.

  • USA Party (2008)
  • Veterans Party (2008)
  • American Centrist Party (2010)
  • Center Party (2010) 
  • National Centrist Party (2011)
  • American Moderate Party of California (2016)
  • American Moderates Party, Modern Whig Party, and American Party of SC merge (2018)
  • Independence Party of Minnesota (2019) 
  • American Alliance Party (2019) 

Discussions are under way with other independent, grassroots parties and organizations to join the Alliance.

If you share similar views, values and concerns, then join us