The Alliance Party is the political arm of a nationwide movement to elect public servants who will end corruption, stagnation and partisan politics. It's time to bring back American values and emphasize the importance of integrity and honor.



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"Taking The Legislatures By Storm"

    ..with citizen legislators and not professional politicians.. 

This republic was designed to have ordinary citizens as legislators so that an elitist group would not rule over them. That group has now taken over our legislatures for their own benefit and not the good of the people. What they haven't yet taken away is the power of the ballot. We seek to empower the American people to employ that power and take back our legislatures, like a storm engulfing the land.

This campaign is threefold. First, ask yourself if you have the slightest leaning toward a Run for Office, or know someone who does. We seek individuals who will be a new a breed of politician. One who will serve with honour and integrity, rather than rule, one who believes in term limits enough to limit their own terms, and those who believe in transparency in politics enough to be transparent themselves. All of our candidates sign a candidate agreement, a promise to the American people that the Alliance Party proudly enforces.

Second, if you cannot run for office please Support Those Who Will by making a contribution to our Candidate Fund to help those that will. Money is needed to get on the ballot, and to run a competitive campaign. Financial supporters are the backbone of any good campaign and play a critical role. No amount is too small, or too large.

Third, make a pledge to be “Become an Ally”. Join with other engaged citizens committed to healing America! The time has come for the people of a nation divided to come together beyond party divisions in an alliance, as a united people in a nation that stands on liberty and justice for all. Allies are a different sort of citizen, one who takes responsibility for their part in our republic. Together we can create the fairest, healthiest,most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Become an ally with Americans across this great land.

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This political movement is a revolution arising from the threats to our republic and our way of life. It’s time for us to take back our government.


How the Alliance Formed

America’s growing dissatisfaction with a failing, polarizing two-party system and recognizing there is strength in numbers and a deep desire to put people and country over politics and greed, eleven independent political parties merged under one banner - The Alliance Party.

On October 14, 2018, in Denver, Colorado, three political parties - the American Moderates Party, the Modern Whig Party and the American Party of South Carolina - agreed to merge to create The Alliance Party.  On January 4, 2019, the Alliance Party officially registered with the Federal Elections Commission. 

The following parties merged into the Alliance after the merger of the original three.

  • Independence Party of Minnesota (2019)
  • American Alliance Party (2019)
  • Independent Party of Connecticut (2020) 

Prior to the 2018 meeting, six independent parties had merged into the Modern Whig Party between 2008 and 2016.

  • USA Party (2008)
  • Veterans Party (2008)
  • American Centrist Party (2010)
  • Center Party (2010) 
  • National Centrist Party (2011)
  • American Moderate Party of California (2016)

Discussions are under way with other independent, grassroots parties and organizations to join the Alliance.


starline.JPGDemocrats and Republicans Own The Past...


If you share similar views, values and concerns, then join us.



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