The United States generates four times the global average of carbon per capita, making us the worst global offender. Man-made changes in our climate have created a existential threat to the foundation of security and prosperity of every nation.

  • Solutions and Key Components

    • Transform to a Low-Carbon Economy

      • Lead a just transition away from harmful energy production practices and invest in clean and renewable energy sources.

      • Increase government standards on vehicle emissions and building energy use standards.

      • Put a generation to work through the creation of new public and private green industry jobs by investing in green projects and technologies.

    • Protect Our Natural Resources

      • Enhance national standards for clean air and water and ban single-use plastics.

      • Invest in applied research to rid our oceans and waterways of plastics and toxins, and technologies to extract carbon dioxide and methane from our atmosphere.

      • Reforest and restore millions of acres of public land and wetlands.

      • Clean up brownfields and all hazardous sites.

      • Support sustainable agricultural, soil management, and fishing practices.

    • Strengthen Urban and Rural Sustainability and Resistance

      • Establish a national fund for urban and rural resilience that manages public resources in ways that promotes social equity and community welfare.

      • Invest in national lead pipe replacement and infrastructure upgrades to guarantee access to safe and affordable drinking water.

      • Expand public green space, recreational land, and recreational waters.

      • Modernize urban mobility and mass transit infrastructure and technologies.

      • Promote local and community organic farming and phase our large agribusiness subsidies. 

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