“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” (Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf)


Issues involving the well-being of our military personnel are of paramount concern to the Alliance Party. We believe those who sacrifice so much to serve their fellow citizens should be adequately compensated while on active duty and provided with adequate pensions, health care, job training and other transitional and support services after discharge. For us, treating our veterans and active duty personnel with the respect they deserve is more than a matter of prudent public policy -- it's a matter of our national honor.

But we also believe our obligation to our veterans and military personnel goes beyond just advocating for the best government policies. We want to do all we can to ensure those who serve are properly compensated and cared for, and our commitment to them further compels us to help our fellow citizens take direct action to serve them in turn. For that reason we have developed the Veterans Volunteer Initiative as a connecting point for those who, like us, wish to take a direct hand in aiding, supporting and assisting our veterans.

During World War II, after it became clear Britain's RAF had successfully fended off the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill said of his gallant flyers: "Never before, in the history of human conflict, has so much been owed by so many to so few." Those words are no less true in our own country today. The liberty and prosperity of over 327 million Americans are daily defended by less than one-half of 1 percent of the population. If you add in veterans, just 7.3 percent of the population are serving, or have ever served, in our armed forces.

Given our great nation's justifiable pride in our prosperity, and our instinctive commitment to care for our fellow citizens, we see no reason why our veterans should not be given all the resources they so richly deserve, especially considering their number. Having pledged their very lives to our defense in a perilous time, they should expect a grateful nation to reward their dedication, patriotism, professionalism and sacrifice with the support they need. It's the least we can do.

While the Alliance Party will always advocate for government policies we believe are in the best interests of the nation, we also have great faith in the ability of our fellow citizens to take care of some things on their own. We have a can-do attitude and believe firmly in taking direct action through volunteerism wherever we can.

Fortunately, the United States Veterans Administration provides a platform for ordinary citizens to serve in a volunteer capacity and directly aid and support our veterans. In conjunction with the United We Serve initiative, the VA's Volunteer Service program recruits citizens to, in the words of the VA, provide "caring and sharing" to our veterans in a number of ways. Whether it’s to aid homeless veterans in finding employment and affordable housing, ensuring veterans are properly honored with a final resting place, providing transportation to veterans who need it, or simply ensuring returning military personnel get the welcome home they deserve, there is a place for you to do your part.

You can find your nearest service opportunity on this directory:


And if you're a student, or know one, there are service opportunities for them, too:                      


Print an Application for Voluntary Service (links to the online version are on the VA website):


We ask our supporters to offer their time as members of the Alliance Party, but there are some important guidelines we ask you to follow:

  1. Don't foul the nest. Please keep a positive attitude, and always keep the value of civility in mind. Don't engage in negative activism or get confrontational with VA staff. If you see something obviously wrong, document it and report it to the party so we can look into it.
  2. Stick with it. It's important to demonstrate determination and commitment. One reason is our desire to portray the Alliance Party in the best possible light. But another -- and more important -- reason is our deep, genuine and abiding advocacy of authentic public service. We "walk the talk," so please only undertake obligations you can fulfill.
  3. Be visible. In the near future we'll have Alliance Party attire (polo shirts and t-shirts) to offer, but for now please dress appropriately for whatever role you're assigned. Smile, be pleasant, and don't be shy about explaining what the Alliance Party is about. We want you to be proud of our party, and for our party to be proud of you.