Defining Term Limits

An Alliance Party candidate’s primary motivation for running for elected office is to perform a critical public service instead of pursuing a lengthy career as a politician.

This belief is especially true for those seeking elected office in our federal and state legislative bodies, where the influence of special interests and corruption are causing great damage to our nation.

Serving in local elected office is a cornerstone to building unity among the many communities that make up the electorate. When Alliance candidates are elected locally, they may serve as many terms in office as their constituents will support. These elected offices include offices such as mayor, city council, county commission, magistrate, school board and sheriff.

When elected to state or federal office, or any combination thereof, the Alliance requires, monitors and enforces term limits, with the exception of the office of governor and the office of president of the United States.

The Alliance Party defines its term limit as being no more than a combination of 12 years of elected service at the state and/or federal level. The exemptions from this calculation of elected years of service are years in local elected office and years of service in the office of governor and/or president of the United States.

A term limited elected official is less vulnerable to the temptations from special interests and the distractions of constant fundraising and reelection campaigning. They can instead focus on the business of America.

If an Alliance Party elected official decides not to abide by the party’s term limits, they will not be allowed to run again as an Alliance Party candidate.

If an Alliance elected official exceeds the Party’s term limits and runs for election or reelection to a non-exempted office as an independent candidate or with another political party, the Alliance will vigorously and publicly oppose their candidacy by all legally available means, including nominating an Alliance candidate for that office.

All Alliance elected officials will pursue the adoption of election reform legislation while in office, including the passage of federal and state mandated term limits.