The Alliance represents fiscally conservative, radically moderate, accountable, reasoned, independents, former Democrats, former Republicans, and alienated voters who want our elected officials to be non-partisan once in office and work for all of their constituents to provide a better future for our country.

The essence of our philosophy is this: some people believe in expanding government to enhance equality, and others want to reduce government to expand freedom. We seek to use limited but strategic government to enhance social mobility. We believe in the American Dream: a level playing field for all, no matter a person’s birth circumstances, to pursue life, liberty, and happiness to the fullest. We believe, in short, in ordered liberty and equal opportunity.

Through merged and new affiliates, the Alliance has a foundation within our local communities and neighborhoods for the long term. We already know the sweet taste of success as state parties. As the Alliance, we will run candidates at national levels of government, and we will win many elections. We will not be satisfied with being a temporary telegenic irritant or a pivot point to drive the major parties back to their senses.  

We understand what has gone wrong, how America went from being a victorious world power with a thriving economy in the 1990s to being a shaken, uncertain, rattled nation just a decade and a half later. We have a vision of a new, peaceful American revolution that can put what has gone wrong right again, not by invoking fogs of nostalgia, but by doing hard work. And in so doing, we will justify the faith of our Founders in the power of civic virtue.

We are not a conventional political party; we are part social movement. We have no intention of financing our operations the same way the two parts of the current political monopoly do—by depending on huge corporate largesse. We will not need to do so. And we have an agenda to match our vision, an agenda as bold as the challenges are great.


Governing Philosophy