The Alliance Party is changing the political landscape by returning to America's foundation: Government of the people, by the people, for the people as Abraham Lincoln said. Our guiding principles engage and empower U.S. citizens to elect politicians who reflect the values and serve the needs of their constituency.  

Alliance Party members recognize the following positions as a starting point, and we encourage all of our candidates to recognize and adjust their platform positions to represent the will of their constituents.  

  • We believe the national debt is one of the most serious crises facing our country and must be remedied through fiscal responsibility, transparency and balanced budgets.

  • We believe we are a country of immigrants. We support legal immigration, asylum seekers, reasonable pathways to citizenship and strong borders.

  • We believe in fair trade as well as creating strong trade agreements with our partners and allies around the world.

  • We believe in a properly equipped and funded military force that can meet the nation's self-defense needs and apply appropriate foreign policy and humanitarian efforts.

  • We believe healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all Americans. 

  • We agree with the scientific community that climate change is real. We support smart initiatives that will reduce our impact on the environment and reduce the effects of climate change.

  • We believe a free press is vital to a healthy democracy.

  • We believe in developing economically viable alternative renewable energy sources, which will reduce, and eventually eliminate, our dependence on fossil fuels. 

  • We believe the STEAM educational framework of science, technology, engineering, arts (social, language, physical, musical and fine arts) and math provides the necessary skills for American students to compete in tomorrow's global landscape. 
  • We believe in equal rights for all American citizens regardless of sexual orientation, race, color, age, religion, ethnicity, gender, and mental or physical abilities. Further, we believe the government's intrusion on the personal rights and freedoms of individuals should be kept to a minimum.  

  • We believe in creating a sustainable economy with fair access to opportunity, and with regard for present and future generations.

  • We support our military and veterans, access to affordable healthcare, education, public safety, the environment and civic discourse.

  • We support the Second Amendment and the people’s right to responsible gun ownership. We believe in a rational and reasoned approach to gun legislation that can improve the safety of all Americans without interfering with the right to bear arms established by the Second Amendment.