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Here you will find many helpful resources. If there is something you do not see, or would like added please let us know. HERE  PLEASE BE SURE TO LOG OUT


Ballot Access News


Candidate Agreement- High Level

Candidate Agreement- Low Level

Candidate Support Graphic

Congressional Candidate FEC Guidelines

EIN Instructions

FEC Form 1 Instructions

Federal Contributions Limits

How to Run For Office online course

Meet and Greet Planning Guide

Nomination Procedures- Non-Protocol State

Nomination Procedures- Protocol State

PAC FEC Guidelines - For all state affiliates except MN

Protocol State Guidelines

Run for Office Handout

State Limits on Contributions to Candidates

TAP Constitution and By-Laws

Typical Congressional Campaign

Qualifications for FEC State Political Party Committee status

Hand Outs/Marketing

Font: Prompt:  Prompt is a free Google font that you can download.   After you download it, open the download folder and add each font file to you computer's primary font folder. 

Download PROMPT


Complete the State Business Card Request Form to submit information for a business card file ready to print. Within a week of completing the form, you will receive a PDF proof of the card for you to approve. Please check everything. Make sure your name is spelled correctly, you phone number is correct, the mailing address is accurate and your email address is correct. After you approve your business card proof, you'll receive a press-ready file within 48 hours (excepting weekends).

You are responsible for printing your business cards. When ever possible, we recommend using a local printer to support local jobs. If that is not an option for you, check out Vista Print and Moo. You'll be able to upload the PDF to each of these printers. Vista Print can be cost effective, especially if you are printing in large quantities. Moo can an overnight option if your order is placed before 1pm eastern. Moo can be more expensive; however, their quality is worth it. If you want to be seen as pro-Labor it is imperative that you have the union bug on your cards/printing.   Gounionprinting.com/


We have a primary logo as noted in the below image. Please endeavor to use the primary version of the logo whenever possible. In the event the primary logo does not lend the appropriate aesthetic, please use one of the alternate logos.

Click on the image to automatically download the file. If that doesn't work for you, right click on image and scroll to "save as" to download.

tAP Primary Logo JPG

tAP Primary Logo PNG

tAP Alternate Logo Stacked Right JPG

tAP Alternate Logo Stacked Right PNG

tAP Alternate Logo Horizontal JPG

tAP Alternate Logo Horizontal PNG

tAP Star Banner JPG
(white background)

tAP Star Banner PNG
(no background)

Star Banner JPG

tAP Star Banner PNG

Email Resources:


Here you can find tutorials and resources to help manage your Alliance Party email.

Alliance Party Email web login

How to configure your email signature

How to connect Outlook to The Alliance Party email

How to connect Apple Mail to The Alliance Party email

How to connect an existing Gmail account to The Alliance Party email

Security Resources

Here you can find resources to help you stay secure online.

One Time Secret - A way to share sensitive information that's simple and secure.

Signal - Secure, multi-platform IM client.

How Secure is My Password - Check the strength of your passwords.

Password Managers - A password manager assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords.  Hereis a list of password managers with feature comparison.

These password managers are recommended:
Encryptr - Basic no-frills easy to use password manager.
LastPass - Popular password manager.
Dashlane - Popular password manager.
KeePass - Popular open-source password manager

Project Management

The National Committee provides Teamwork Projects for State Chairs. Each state is an individual project. (online project management system)


Video Overview

If you are a state chair and do not have access let us know


Site Configuration - Links to site configuration (admin only).