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Nationbuilder is a fully-integrated software solution designed specifically for politics to help us streamline our organization.

This will help us organize and reach the right people with timely messages effectively targeted to our most engaged donors, advocates and supporters- the people who will help grow our community and scale the Alliance Party,

This integrated software platform also provides fundraising capabilities, social media marketing, polling, online petitions, and much more. Data management has proven to be the key to winning. This proven recruitment tool will also grow our grassroots leadership and add candidates to our team.

As the name implies, with this we can effectively create our community; our nation of supporters.

Please Help Us Obtain Nationbuilder With A Donation Today!

Checks May Be Sent To: Alliance Party / 5728 W US-10 / Ludington, MI 49431


raised of a $8,000.00 goal

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