Welcome to the East Region of the Alliance Party! This is the landing page for the East Region, containing general information about the region and its state chapters.

The purpose of the East Region of the Alliance Party is to help coordinate and support the state chapters in our region. This includes but is not limited to sharing information and best practices between state chapters, assisting in areas where the state chapters are not well developed or organized, and facilitating cross-border cooperation and synergies.

The Alliance Party is the spearhead of a pragmatic, centrist, solutions-oriented political movement dedicated to the restoration of representative government in our nation. We believe broad citizen participation at all levels of government is necessary for our civic, political and economic lives to thrive, and we are determined to take practical, sensible action to support our fellow Americans in returning control of their government to their hands.

We encourage you to contact your state chair or visit your state's website for the resources you may need. If you need additional assistance or support, feel free to contact our Region Chair.

Kalen Spencer
East Region Chair


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