A return to common sense governance

October 14, 2018, successful state political organizations joined together to create a better way to move the country forward. The Alliance Party is the culmination of a decades long movement of fiscally conservative, radically moderate, accountable, reasoned, independents, former democrats and republicans who want our elected officials to be non-partisan once in office and work for all of their constituents to provide a better future for our country.

We, who are now the majority of American voters, no longer accept partisan gridlock and special interests. We are veterans, educators, tradespeople, former elected officials, professionals, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, active military, high school and college students and neighbors.

Using meaningful civil political discourse that results in collaboration and creative problem solving, we are making the American Dream once again attainable for all who are willing to work for it.

Our mission is clear and within reach: return to a functioning government that can solve problems, work together and move the country forward for everyone.

We have always been a great nation in large part because of our exceptional ability to be creative and adapt to changing conditions. We intend to return America to a leadership role on the world stage in ways that serve the American people.

It’s time for us to be first again in all the values that embody American ideals and provide the unique opportunities that are the American Dream.